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Ausonia Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 2019


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The Trebbiano Apollo Ausonia is made of 100% of Trebbiano d’Abruzzo grape. The soil consists of clayey and calcareous and the winemaker used to carry the alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks with the asylum of indigenous yeast (pied de cuve). The Trebbiano Apollo Ausonia is then aged in bottle.


Ausonia is a butterfly, rare in Italy. But among the gullies that surround this Atri winery (province of Teramo) is very common. And it ended up flying even on the beautiful labels (they won in Vinitaly the prize for packaging in 2012) that characterize this company.
Today the company has 11 hectares of vineyards (the vines are autochthonous: Trebbiano, Montepulciano, Pecorino, Cerasuolo), from which 40,000 bottles per year. The imprint is natural. And if there are still no certifications on the label, the Demeter brand will appear from the 2016 harvest for a biodynamic production in all respects. But already today the philosophy is precise and can be appreciated in wines that are a sincere expression of the territory and of the vintage.

The production of wines comes exclusively from proprietary grapes, being the only way to have a strict control on the quality of the same. Ausonia wines are produced entirely from corporate grapes grown with the utmost respect for nature, following the principles of biodynamic agriculture. It is only starting from an excellent raw material that we can obtain fine wines, an expression of the territory. The company philosophy is to produce exclusively wines obtained from native vines, fermented with indigenous yeasts, unfiltered, uncleared and with low sulfur content.

Not only naturalness and spontaneity in the processes and in the various cycles of viticulture, therefore, but also originality and authenticity of the flavour. Being an absolutely natural wine, it is, therefore, subject to the slightest influence of the external world and the climate in which it lives, translating in this way in its flavour all the scent, the taste and the hints of the season just passed.

Ultimately, unlike conventional wines whose taste we can define standard, structured and “packaged” a priori according to a precise idea of departure, biodynamic wine is instead a constant discovery, each bottle is different from the other, each vintage stands out, on the other hand, conferring with this innate peculiarity an absolutely original and distinctive character. The biodynamic wine has a different taste, new, not catalogued… biodynamic wine is a continuous discovery.


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